Russia Post in China

1875 Cover to Dereham

TIENTSIN: 1875 Cover to Dereham, England, franked with 1866-75 10k strip of four and 3k pair, tied by three clear strikes of dateless double-framed "TYAN-TSZIN. POCHT. KONT." (Tientsin Post Office) hs, with Kyakhta transit adjacent dated 1 May 1875, the letter having left Tientsin about two weeks earlier, showing Moscow transit and Dereham arrival bs. Postage of 46k represents pre-UPU rates of 30k for conveyance to the Russian border at Kyakhta and 16k for onward transmission from Russia to England. Earliest known mail from the official Russian Postal Administration in China, using Russian canceller on Russian stamps, and only known use of Tientsin's first Russian handstamped canceller on cover. The Jewel in the crown of the Russian post in China Note: Illustrated in the BJRP nos.18 (1955) and 71 (1991) and "The London Philatelist" Nos. 1151-52 (1988)- The "Kyakta Type 2" of Tchilingirian & Stephen, "Stamps of the Russian Empire used Abroad" pt. 4 (1959), 9.312, said to be based on the cancellation on this cover, is a fantasy, showing posthorns at foot instead of the fleuron depicted herin.

Minimum Bid: 70000.00 EUR
from David Feldman - Spring Auction 2012

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