Thuringia, Christmas souvenir sheet type II

Thuringia, Christmas souvenir sheet, stamps, cover
Christmas souvenir sheet type II with OdF-block type IV postage correct in the 2. weight step on larger sized registered cover, special feature is the higher standing 4 Pfg.-Marke by souvenir sheet 1, used Erford 24. 12. 45, AnkunftSt., certificate from 3. 2. 93 Shrub BPP and from 21. 8. 03 "genuine and properly" Dr. Jasch BPP (5,300.-)
Minimum Bid: 1200.00 EUR
Please pay attention to the official auction conditions of the Dresdner Stamp Auction

April 25-26, 2012
Focus of our offer:
  •      Coins and banknotes
  •      DR peaks and MH.
  •      Local issues, Meckl-Vorpommern and complete SBZ
and many collections and estates

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