Rayon II, Yellow, Switzerland

Rayon II, Yellow, Rare Stamp, Switzerland

Rayon II, Yellow, without KE (STONE A 1)
Type 16 A1 / O for red and black print, respectively. Type 25 A1 / U for the HEAD STANDING YELLOW PRINT. Maximum attrakt. Copy in deep and fresh paint all around with very wide margins on three sides with dividers and right margin. Ideal and very clean tied with a black "FRANCO" in box AW440. The devaluation is set optimally, i.e. THE VARIETY IS PERFECT FULLY VISIBLE U. (!). A rehearsed. bright spot is irrelevant and should be noted for the record. So far, only twelve copies of this incredible variety in mostly modest preservation are known, one in the Postal Museum. Thus, the total number of these rare, less than half of registered Rayon II with full cross-border, which the exclusivity of this brand is more than clearly shows. In the present trade mark is not just about the most beautiful existing copy, but also to the first, the 108 years was found after the disbursement. Originally, this specimen was in the collection of the great connoisseur of district expenditures Städeli Werner, a student of the legendary Dr.Munk. Höchstkarätige rarity in excellent preservation of significant Altschweizsammlung. This documentation: "Rayon II - discovered misprint after 108 years," Werner Städeli SBZ 2/596. "The upside of the yellow print rayon II" G.Honegger 1985th "The 12 known Rayon II showing the wrong yellow print," Urs Hermann 2012th Signed Stadeli certificates R.Berra (AIEP) and U.Hermann

Minimum Bid: 
30000.00 CHF

End date of bidding: 09.05.2012

May 6-9, 2012 Chiani-Auction, major international Sale

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